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GLD Software

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GLD Software is the GSHP Industry Design Leader!

GLD is the choice of professionals in over 62 countries. GLD  is the leading software suite for geothermal heat pump and ground heat exchanger system design. Our new Piping System Designer is unique to the Geothermal Industry! 

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Download Ground Loop Design Premier now and view 99% of the program modules and interface. Calculations disabled. 

GLD works with all versions of Windows including Windows 10 (32b or 64b) and can also be emulated on a Mac with Bootcamp or Parallels!

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A picture is worth a thousand words.  The demo and  recorded webinars provide a clear introduction to GLD2016 for both new and experienced GLD users.  See GLD modules at work viewing our collection of tutorial videos.

   The NEW, Automated Piping System Builder

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How to Purchase Software and Training

After you order GLD, we will ship you a USB license dongle that provides you with complete access on any machine for the version that you purchase.   Our software versions are available with network or stand-alone licensing options!

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Who is Thermal Dynamics?

Thermal Dynamics is the international distributor for GLD Software, staffed by geoexchange professionals dedicated to bringing innovative, technically advanced products and services to the geoexchange community.  From fundamental design to implementation of ground source systems, we provide a competitive advantage for geothermal designers and installers, domestically and internationally.


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